The Jeep


The Jeep build 

The goal of using a Jeep in the OUTDOORTREE organization is to 1) get more people involved in the #10piecechallenge and 2) accomplish more service.

We will always ride motorcycles and they go places to tight for larger vehicle and can carry out a lot of trash with the Mosko Moto bags and Kipmoto trailer but the Jeep can carry more.  Also, with a new baby in out family I am a little more limited on solo motorcycle rides - still doing a lot, but less :( and doing more rides Jeep rides with the older two kids to give mom a break ;)

Warn Zeon 10s Winch

So what does an overland conservation jeep need? First is a winch and good steel bumper. OUTDOORTREE and Warn Industries are teaming up this Jeep build as Warn has a lot of interesting in keeping the OUTDOORS as pristine as possible. Together the jeep is getting a face lift including a Zeon 10s winch and the all new Warn Elite Bumper for the JL. The Winch has arrived at the OUTDOORTREE headquarters with the bumper following close behind.



Of course patience is difficult and I thought about duct taping the winch to the plastic bumper but quickly ruled that option out and decided to wait for the Elite bumper to arrive. Once the bumper arrives and we get it all installed we have big plans. Those include a winching out some couches we have found dumped over hill sides in riding areas, going to areas that are too risky to ride without a winch and rescuing fellow stuck riders.

One of my favorite things to do in the winter is pulling out stuck people and then giving them an outdoortree sticker and inviting to join in the #10piecechallenge and this is going to be so much better with the winch this winter.

Thank you Warn. Wa are excited to work together this year.

Gobi Stealth Rack

After a winch what else is needed for a conservation overland vehicle? Heavy duty storage to carry loads.  This is where Gobi comes in.  Gobi is unique in that they are on of the first to offer a top rack for the JL and they are entirely unique in that they are the only rack for the JL to hold more than 150 lbs and no drilling required.

We are excited to work with Gobi on saving the outdoors one adventure at a time.  Because the JL is a brand new Jeep and Gobi custom makes their racks we will be waiting a few months until it comes but we couldn't be more excited.  Below is a picture from their website to show what is coming.




Kokopelli Pack Raft

Traveling by Land is important but our most beautiful places to travel usually include a beautiful lake or river and unfortunately the same people who litter on land also toss trash into the water or it blows in.  Cleaning a high mountain lake is not very doable without a watercraft of some kind.  Fortunately Kokopelli feels that keeping our waterways is very crucial and has joined OUTDOORTREE in the #10piecechallenge (they have always been taking out trash but our now getting more involved with the Moto adventures to get more people involved).  

For some reason every beautiful body of water has tons of fishing line coiled up all around, styrofoam worm cups, bottles and cans, and other garbage littering the shores. Together with Kokopelli, OUTDOORTREE and our followers will work to spread awareness to slow down littering in the great outdoors and to clean up the litter there via the #10piecechallenge.