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The Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge Trail Access Program, first announced in 2013, was created to support the 4WD community by providing direct support to the people and organizations working hard to protect access to public land and recreational trails across the country; improving education about the off-road hobby and matters of conservation, so our open spaces remain open for generations of off-roaders to enjoy for years to come. Since its inception, the Trail Access Program has awarded grants equaling over $100,000 to date and have gone far in helping numerous organizations such as the Blue Ribbon Coalition, Friends of Uwharrie and the Colorado OHV Coalition- just to name a few. Best of all, our efforts are ongoing. Non-profit organizations can apply for online grants of up to $5,000 that can be designated for use toward education, stewardship, litigation, or any other activity advocating the conservation of public land or access to recreation trails.



Warn Industries has the led the way in durable, innovative, and trusted off-road products since 1948. Our powerful winches, rock-solid bumpers and mounting systems, versatile rigging equipment, and proven 4WD hubs let truck, Jeep, SUV, and powersports owners GO PREPARED for whatever lies ahead, whether on the trail or on the job. We’ve been innovating for 70+ years, and continue to set the standard for the off-road aftermarket—whether you’re riding trails, crossing continents, or something in between.

Warn has been OUTDOORTREEs biggest support donating a JL elite front bumper, JL elite rear bumper with tire carrier, and Zeon 10s winch.

Thank you Warn for helping keep our riding areas clean and open!


"Here at ExtremeTerrain, we respect the integrity of the landscape we live, drive and play on, and strive to leave the trails we enjoy better than we found them.

For this reason we are pleased to launch the Clean Trail Grant program as outlined below:

This program will provide eligible groups the opportunity to apply for a grant to fund their next trail improvement related project, which could range from trail clean-up, trail restoration, trail expansion, to name a few.

Various Wrangler and 4x4 groups and organizations, as well as those who manage publicly and privately owned off-road trails are invited to apply for the grant. In addition, groups or organizations that manage projects to clean up and maintain nature preserves, walking/hiking trails and public parks are also welcome to apply."


OUTDOORTREE is excited and honored to be chose for the Clean Trail Grant in 2018 to perform restoration on the historic Naches Trail.  The fun ride/service project is happening October 13, 2018.  


Kip Moto


sherpa x.png

Kip Moto is a great company committed to helping preserve and protect the outdoors.

The Sherpa X trailer has been the best service tool since the Tiger was added to the OUTDOORTREE team.

At just 30lbs (13.6kg) and with over 90L of cargo capacity, the SherpaX is designed to greatly increase your cargo capacity with minimum effects on your ride. The benefit of being able to disconnect your SherpaX without tools will allow you to quickly revert your ride from cargo hauler to an off-road weapon!

At KIP Moto we set out to design and build the best cargo solution for Dual-Sport Motorcycling. We simply wanted to be able to pack enough gear and fuel to ride our motorcycles for days. Tired of the fuss of trying to pile camping gear and extra fuel on our bikes making them top heavy and wide. We just want to get on our bikes and ride and you should too!

With no modification to your bike, you can add a SherpaX trailer and have more than enough room for your gear and fuel. Every SherpaX comes equipped with 2 mounting points for One Gallon ROTOPAX and is designed to use a simple, economical, 90L Rubbermaid Action Packer for all of your cargo.

The SherpaX is built out of aluminum to be lightweight, strong and rugged. With no paint or powder coating, there are no worries of scratching or chipping the paint when you ride the tight trails. Aluminum also won’t rust!

We have designed a simple tool-less system to attach your SherpaX to any motorcycle with a hollow rear axle. It was important that our design is economical and can tow behind a bike like nothing is even there. 



Sargent Seats



When we put the Sargent seat on the tiger and sat down we instantly knew we where in love.  Now we can ride to all our service destinations with out mashing out tenders and feeling like we have been riding a motorcycle all day.  We feel gooood.




"Specializing in high-quality, lightweight gear for the outdoors enthusiast" 

Warbonnet Outdoors is committed to providing lightweight, top-of-the-line sleep systems to outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Any individual interested in a lightweight tent, sleep system, or outdoor shelter is a potential beneficiary of our products. Every single piece of gear that we produce is uniquely designed with our customers in mind and is manufactured in-house in Colorado, U.S.A. by American workers. Every single stitch in our gear undergoes a rigorous, step-by-step quality control inspection before shipment. Additionally, our small-batch production facility allows direct oversight into our manufacturing processes resulting in sustainability of customer satisfaction and high-quality outputs. Our gear is backed by a lifetime warranty. 



For us, bikes are about getting deep into the backcountry in search of epic campsites, or border-hopping through distant parts of the world. They’re about getting off the pavement and out of the comfort zone: climbing mountains, crossing rivers, and traversing deserts. They’re about scratches, dents, and scars, and the stories behind them. They’re about seeing places that can't be seen any other way. 

It doesn't matter if you have a brand new, high-tech machine or an old beater you bought off craigslist. Once you're out there riding, it's about where you go and the experiences you have. A few years ago I (Pete) was on some dirt road in Northwestern Argentina and I ran into three kids from the Netherlands taking a break under a tree. They were on beat-up old 125cc bikes they'd bought for a few hundred dollars, and they were picking their way through South America headed for the States. At that moment, on that road, under that tree: nobody cares what kind of bike you're on. It's about the moment, the place, and the people around you; it's about the riding experience itself.



Our mission is to provide safe, comfortable, great quality products that will enhance your riding experience. Thank you for your interest in our company – we are here to serve you.

Rox leads the industry in putting you into a comfortable position when riding.  Get your self a set of risers and your back will feel great and help you on your rides.



At KÜHL®, the passion remains to get outdoors and have fun. KÜHL® is what it means to be comfortable and relaxed in the challenging environment of life and sport. KÜHL® means creating the best environment for you and knowing the importance of following your own beliefs and desires. For KÜHL®, this dedication to original thinking translates into excellence in design and exceptional construction.

REI Kennewick





Backcountry Discovery Routes



Backcountry Discovery Routes is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization whose mission is to establish and preserve off-highway routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel.  Through education, advocacy, and promotion of responsible motorcycle travel, BDR seeks to preserve backcountry motorcycling opportunities for generations to come.

Department of Natural Resources


At statehood in 1889, the U.S. Congress granted Washington millions of acres of land to support public institutions such as funding the construction of public K-12 grade schools statewide, state universities, other state educational institutions, and prisons. Today, DNR manages 3 million acres of these federally granted trust lands to provide a continuous flow of revenue to beneficiaries through revenue-producing activities

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