Blewett Pass Service Ride


Dynamite comes in small packages

Not every service ride is big or does tons but lots of little service rides adds up.  The Blewett pass was one of those rides that the service was small but we believe small service projects are better than no service projects.  

Essentially this was a work commute trip from Yakima to Ellensburg.  Founder Robert Tree took the tiger and the Warbonnet hammock and made a night out of it.  He was able to fill up a Moskomoto bag lined with Green Paper Product biodegradable trash bag full of trash.

Warbonnet with the winter top - awesome feature.

Warbonnet with the winter top - awesome feature.

One trash bag doesn't sound like a lot and its not hard.  If we all fill up one bag a trip the forest will start looking a lot nicer and be healthier.