Backcountry country panniers 35's

The BC 35’s fit right on the Touratech rack. The bags come off and one with the flick of a switch of a switch but are locked in very securely with the same flick of the switch.  The bags come with a large outer open pocket called the beaver tail where you can stash dirty or wet gear. In side the made bag Mosko Moto supplies a quality dry bag to be sure nothing is wet. On the tail end of the bag there is an outer pocket where you can store extra fuel, water, or like me food.

On the drivers side bag I had to rig it up a little different because the lock mechanism gets blocked by the pillion handles. So you have to raise the bag up about an inch. Still works perfect just sits an inch high.


nomad tank bag

The Nomad tank bag might be my favorite addition to the Tiger.  The Molle straps allow to have my Kabar BK-2 instantly available due to the molle on the top.  The pockets store my firestarter (mini bic wrapped in bee wax coated hemp), phone, phone charger, camera, ipad, snacks, maps, and about anything else you can think of.  It covers the gas tank and all you have to do is un clip one of the top clips and slide it over a couple inches and then after filling up just re-clip that one you un-did. Water bladder, some water proof pockets, a water proof cover and a beaver tail.