Number one reason we carry the SherpaX is for our service projects. We are either carrying tools in or trash out.  But when I am riding not on an official service project the trailer allows me to camp/travel in style.  No stressing over "should I take this or this"  I can take it all baby.  When backpacking I stress a lot because I am carrying everything on my back, but since the Tiger is doing all the lifting I really don't mind giving her extra pounds.  Plus pulling the extra pounds means their is zero effect on the suspension and it pulls so smoothly you really don't feel it.

Your bike has to have a hollow axle for the Sherpax to attach.  There is a rod that goes straight through the Sherpax arms and through the axle and screws into the other Sherpax arm.  It takes me a minute or less to put on or take off.

If all my riding was around town and I didn't travel, camp, or do service projects I might not have one but if you do any of these things I highly recommend hooking up the SherpaX.