Warbonnnet and outdoortree clean up Yakima river

The Yakima River is the lifeblood of Central Washington. It provides clean water, boating, fishing, and countless other means of recreation which of course attracts litter like all other beautiful places.  When deciding on the January 2018 Service Project the Yakima River was an easy choice because the Mountains still have a lot of snow and ice.

Sleeping right over the water in the Warbonnet Blackbird XL made for the perfect night. Having Warbonnet's help in cleaning up the outdoors


That is a lot of storage

When backpacking I go ultra light.  When on the motorcycle I don't have to because I am not doing the lifting. With the combination of the Mosko Moto BC 35's and the SherpaX I can take everything I need to be comfortable and have plenty of room to haul out litter on our service rides.