Melting snow means easier #10PieceChallenge

When the snow dumps in the PNW it covers up a lot of litter for a few months. But now that its slowly melting away keep your eye out and take out 10 pieces of litter every adventure. Yesterday we were able to find out 10 pieces on a back country ski trip on Blewett Pass.


2018 Rugged Ridge Trail Access Grant

Rugged Ridge and OUTDOORTREE are working together to keep your riding areas clean and gate free! In 2018 Rugged Ridge provided a $1000 grant to help us clean up riding areas and provide education on the 10 Piece Initiative. We encourage Off Roaders to support great companies like Rugged Ridge who make Trail Access a priority just like they make quality a priority. Thank you Rugged Ridge for your support in helping us all work together to make our trails better and open.


Many hands make light work - if we can all commit to taking out just 10 pieces of litter every adventure we will soon have litter free riding areas!


NEWS: OUTDOORTREE Expanding to work with the Overland Community on the #10piecechallenge




OUTDOORTREE is working with Warn, Gobi Racks, and Kokopelli to get the Jeep ready to expand the #10piece challenge.  While OUTDOORTREE is a motorcycle group at heart we want to work with and get as many adventurers involved as possible and that is why we are expanding.  The motorcycle side of OUTDOORTREE is not going anywhere just growing the family.  We are excited to work with the Overland Four Wheel community and have already found that community welcoming with open arms to our 10 piece challenge.  Follow are daily adventures on instagram @outdoortree.



Summer 2018 Clean water CAMPAIGN

2018 focus is about water.  We drink it. We bathe in it. We play in it.  We eat its hosts.  How can we help to preserve it?  Throughout our travels we at OUTDOORTREE have found the most litter on/in the water.  Beautiful water attracts people which unfortunately attracts garbage.  A very high percentage of the litter is fishing garbage.  There should be zero tolerance for this, especially in the outdoors community of fisherman, campers and motorcycles.  Lets work together this year to first not litter and second to help clean up the litter we find. (Tip: Tenkara Mini Saw Tooth by Tenkara Rod CO fits perfect in the Mosko Moto Bags)





I know you ride, but do you subscribe to the philosophy: Leave No Trace? Hopefully you answered yes to that question!  Sadly, there are a lot of riders out there that don’t. 

OUTDOORTREE, founded in 2016, has a mission save the outdoors one ride at a time.

How can motorcyclist save the outdoors you ask? One of the easiest and most effective ways is to be a part of the 10 piece challenge. 

You can participate by simply picking up ten pieces of litter each ride. Just place an empty garbage bag or dry bag in your motorcycle storage and take off.  


While '10' may sound like a nominal number, it multiplies immensely through the collective power of a group of riders. In a single day, twelve riders can remove 120 pieces of litter. If a second group passes through the same area the following day, this quickly grows to 240 pieces and beyond. We all know of these areas in our regions that people dump trash or destroy a campsite. 

By collecting litter, riders lead through example and educate our communities of the negative consequences of litter for the woodlands and the health of their animals and people. This is intended to foster a pride in their environment that only has positive outcomes for the riding community and visitors alike. 

Join OUTDOORTREE and commit to being a part of the 10 piece challenge.